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About Zoot

Zoot is a design office working for a broad range of businesses and organisations, developing visual identites and graphic work, for print and digital media.

Zoot was established by Haydn Evans and Graham Mansfield in 2006. They met in the queue at the UDI (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration), finding sanctuary in their cultural connection and self indulgent discussions fuelled by cups of Yorkshire tea. They also share the opinion that graphic design isn’t just a opportunity to create visual play on behalf of the customer, it’s about reaching a point of understanding too.

Zoot believes it is possible and desirable to be strategic and creative about graphic design. We prefer to generate work that is informed by a comprehensive understanding of our customer, before commiting mouse to mat or pencil to paper. Nothing fades faster than fashion and because of this, Zoot seeks to invest in the creation of beautiful ideas with conceptual legs on.

Haydn is a graphic designer, specialising in strategic design and likes making food for his friends.

Graham Mansfield is a graphic designer, specialising in typography and likes to see the humorous in the banal.