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Project Title

Asono Identity




2004 – 2006

Asono designs, manufactures and distributes electronic consumer products. We were involved with the company from the beginning, helping it to create and launch a brand identity, alongside developing a working culture and attitude to employing and understanding design. We led and coordinated a team of design and communication professionals, providing Asono with advice and design consultancy. Our services helped Asono establish brand recognition in the highly competitive Nordic market. The use of design has been a fundamental factor in the rapid development of this company.

The examples include the Asono brand book, Asono symbol and the accompanying logotype of Asono Mica. The MP3 player was awarded ‘Merket for god design’ and was short-listed for the Hedersprisen’ 2005. Images of its box are also included, which echo the clean aesthetic of the player in its restrained use of materials, calm graphics and no nonsense, humorous text.